ere at Hair Essentials, our young, energetic, talented staff of over 25 professionals bring the very best of their personal self to the table. We strive to be on the cutting edge of beauty and fashion. From hair to make-up, our promise to our clientele is to present them with personalized options for their lifestyle and personality. We believe in our business. Our hair and styling products are among the very best in the business. We would not stand for anything less. We strive to offer our clientele the highest quality of services and that is our guarantee. Each member of our accomplished team is highly skilled and professionally educated. And as a salon, we continually grow by attending classes and in-house demonstrations to keep up with current styling, color and make-up trends. And although it is technically a place of business, we believe it to be much more than that. We are a family. It is a place where our skilled, sincere and caring staff works as a cohesive unit and maintains a relationship with the clients we serve as one of a friend. We respect and appreciate your continued loyalty. And you can rest assure, we will never stop growing, because that is what our clients demand, and is what we believe, they deserve.
We specialize in the following:
Hair Services          Specialized Services
Hair Treatments     Texturizing Services
Hair Color                Nail Care

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